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Exclusive access to hard-to-reach music listeners.

Through unique, official tour date partnerships with Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, and others, Tourbox helps artists reach an audience of more than a billion music lovers—fans who wouldn’t necessarily visit your site to seek out dates, but can make the difference that means a sold out show. Learn more.

  • Spotify

    ‘On Tour’ module with geo-located tour dates on artist pages.

  • Hype Machine

    Prominent, geo-targeted tour dates on every page.

  • SoundCloud

    ‘On Tour’ module with next three tour dates on artist profiles.

The #1 tour date tool for over 100,000 artists.

Flexible, hassle-free tour date listing for artists.

Your effortless tour date mailing list.

Songkick is the world’s second-largest concert site after Ticketmaster, sending one million daily geo-targeted concert alerts via email and push notifications—it’s already used by 10 million live music fans a month, generating more than $100M in ticket sales.

It’s a free, geo-targeted mailing list that you don’t have to maintain. Learn more.

Fans using Songkick go to twice as many shows.

Songkick users are the most valuable fans to reach, because they’re not just a fan that streamed a track once, or hit ‘Like’, they’re fans that have said ‘I live here, and I want to buy a ticket from you’.

–Brooke Parrott, Head of Songkick’s Artist Services
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One single place to update.

Tour dates are published everywhere with no additional effort—your artist websites, Facebook pages, Songkick concert-goers, optimized Google search results, and a network of more than a billion music listeners. Learn more.

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